1. Introducing Justin Bieber, non-state actor and public diplomat, and his Beliebers


    4 May 2013 by ryandalton2013

    A few short weeks after taking fire for writing a shameless self-plug in the guestbook at the Anne Frank House, …
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  2. Hillary!

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    26 April 2013 by mistertunde

    Reading Hillary Clinton’s piece, “Leading through Civilian Power,” made me realize how lucky people who believe in public diplomacy must …
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  3. Japan re-branded?

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    25 April 2013 by mistertunde

    This week’s reading were useful in understanding where Japan has been and where it is going in terms of public diplomacy and …
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  4. 3 Things You Should Know About Americans


    19 April 2013 by charlotteyoung

    I recently came across an article entitled, “10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America.” The author, Mark Manson, believes …
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  5. Middle Powers

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    19 April 2013 by SaraGR

    This week we discussed middle powers and their public diplomacy efforts. Middle powers as Eytan Gilboa explains, in the article …
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  6. China and Public Diplomacy

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    11 April 2013 by mistertunde

    One of the interesting things that this week’s reading o made me think about is how AND when different countries …
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  7. DIplomacy via Tastebuds

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    10 April 2013 by mistertunde

    Tuesday’s gastrodiplomacy event in the SIS Founder’s Room seemed tailor-made for me….and the hundred or so other people who showed …
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